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Why Salespeople Fight Presentation Automation

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By John Toepfer

Why Salespeople Fight Presentation Automation

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to asset management marketers about pitchbooks. The typical sentiment is that these sales tools are a pain to update and manage and also a point of contention between the marketing and sales teams. Marketing people spend a great deal of time keeping their slide library up-to-date and organized. But often times, these beautiful and compliant pitch materials become compromised once they get into the hands of the sales force. “It’s total piracy!” said one Product Management Executive we spoke to.

It’s true though. Salespeople are notorious for going rogue — customizing their own decks or using old versions saved on their desktop without thinking twice about branding or compliance.Read More

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8 Pitchbook Pain Points for Marketers

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Creating and maintaining pitchbooks can be the bane of a marketing team’s existence. Product managers are always finding new ways to spin or illustrate their products. Sales teams and firm partners are always insisting that one more chart or illustration is absolutely critical to their pitch. And of course, there is the simple drudgery of making sure the standard data, disclosures, and charts are up-to-date and refreshed on time.

Read More

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How Smart Investment Marketers Buy Tech

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How smart financial marketers buy technologyWhat role does technology play in your financial marketing strategy?

Changing regulation, customer behavior, and competition are changing the way financial brands conduct marketing, and new technologies have become a vital part of the plan.

From marketing automation and sales enablement to data management and reporting platforms, there is an abundance of financial marketing technology available to help marketers take their brands to the top.Read More

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How automation improves sales and marketing alignment

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sales-marketing-alignmentBy Emilie Totten

Despite having the same end goal, marketers and sales departments tend to be in conflict because their short-term objectives differ. Marketers are focused on creating campaigns that will generate new leads, and sales teams concentrate on making sales. In a controversial article for CBS News about why sales teams get annoyed by their marketing colleagues, industry expert Geoffrey James lists several top frustrations for sales reps, including:Read More

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