New Software Release – Synthesis FlightPath v4.7

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May – 2014

Synthesis has just released v4.7 of FlightPath. This latest update comes with enhancements to the User Interface, Performance, Renderer Technology, Data Loading and Platform Security.

Here are more changes you can expect from the updated FlightPath:

User Interface

  • We replaced the Notepad Java Applet for editing copy with an HTML compliant in-browser editor for a more portable, user-friendly and secure interface.
  • A new Web-compliant implementation has replaced the Java Applet editor for spreadsheet data, improving security and ease of use.
  • The Media Library now preserves all versions of static images, and all images support two sets of queryable string metadata.
  • Non-admin users can now access the Multi-Update Action Form.
  • Bulk deletes of items are now available.
  • Edit Template References Editor loads more quickly and is no longer dependent on the Java JRE browser plug-in.


  • Expire Operations are now faster, creating cost reductions of up to 99 percent.
  • Distributed document creation is now supported, allowing faster and scalable render times.

Renderer Technology 

  • Email notifications have been improved to allow custom messaging, targeting and scheduling.
  • You can now select images from the media library using shared and version-specific metadata.

Data Loading

  • The new DataLoadLog now saves every datafeed submit and Loadscript run in an easily accessible format. String metadata can now be captured using standard function and resulting metadata is queryable by datafeed, loadscript and batch number.

Platform Security

  • Form-based pages in SPA now apply a token to protect against cross-site request forgery.
  • Passwords are now managed through SPA Password Manager Web UI, which will encrypt passwords and store them in the system database.
  • A new click path log tracks user page visits in chronological order. Time since last click shows the amount of time a user spends on each page.

To learn more about the updates, contact your Synthesis relationship manager or email

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