Synthesis Selected to Develop New CMS for The HartFord

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February – 2013
Recently, Synthesis completed a project for the funds group at The Hartford, providing back-end aggregated and approved content that is used for producing web fund profiles.

By leveraging the Synthesis content management solution already deployed to support The Hartford’s mutual fund factsheets, our client services team was able to re-purpose the content for the web profiles in an efficient and straightforward manner.

The new integrated process greatly simplifies production by overlapping work efforts between print and web media, all while providing a high level of consistency with data and content.  Thus, fund and product profiles can be updated quicker, with less effort, and with more assurance of consistency. For more information, please contact us via [email protected].

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Emilie is Chief Marketing Officer at Synthesis. She brings over 15 years of integrated sales and marketing experience working with financial services, SaaS, and health and wellness companies. Her passion is architecting holistic marketing strategies that align with each business function to achieve client experience, employee advocacy, and revenue goals. When she isn't marketing, you can find her rehabbing her home in the Chicago suburbs, practicing yoga, or spending time with her family.


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