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The Quality Data Management Imperative

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Data Management at Investment Management Firms - Data Source Problem

(The following blog post is the third in a series on the need for the Investment Management Industry to embrace sound data management practices. You can access the first and second posts here.)

Earlier today I was on a conference call with one of the largest asset management firms in the world.  The call was with marketing people representing operational groups in London, Hong Kong, Vancouver, and New York. The purpose of the call was to discuss factsheet automation and the need to unify their operations.  Interestingly, we could hardly stay on topic about documents and automation tools because their real problem was source data.

During the call, each group expressed their internal challenges in collecting clean, verifiably accurate and finalized data for reporting use.

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How to fix recurring fund marketing document problems

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Recurring document problems in fund marketingThese days you hear how “content is king” and that data and content are being generated at more than exponential rates. It is a constant challenge for investment marketers to keep up with the demand for compelling and current content. When it comes to fund marketing communications like fact sheets, commentaries, and pitchbooks, managing the dynamic and diverse information that feeds them can become a recurring hassle month after month, quarter after quarter. To break the vicious cycle, marketers must leverage their information (and their efforts to organize it) from one document to the next. Their goal? To fix recurring document problems.

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The Art of Producing Multi-Language FactSheets

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By John Toepfer

Foreign Language FactSheet Production

There is art to producing multi-language documents of any sort, but the bar is set particularly high when focusing on data-driven documents of a recurring nature.  With documents like mutual fund factsheets, the cost and production timeline are key metrics of organizational success.  A traditional process of shipping off document files to a translation agency and counting the days for receipt of finished foreign language material – and a large bill – can be ridiculous.

In the age of content management systems and Google Translate, there is definitely a better way.

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5 Considerations When Rebranding Documents

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Rebranding fund documents and website redesignHaving an organized approach to rebranding your fund documents can help your firm avoid production bottlenecks and other setbacks. Significantly improve the speed and outcome of a rebranding project with a thorough strategy and experienced content management system partner.

Before beginning a rebranding initiative, decision-makers should carefully consider the following five elements: design, timeline, images, testing, and support.Read More

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